Dr. Howard Routman graduated at Nova- Southeastern University with the highest honors and completed his internship at the Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Routman then completed his residency at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. At this time he chose to complete an extra year as a fellow at the Hughston Sports Medicine Foundation where he studied shoulder reconstruction.

Dr. Routman has since been involved in the investigation of shoulder prosthetic implants and also regularly performs shoulder replacements, outpatient arthroscopic shoulder repair and redo shoulder surgery. This has made Dr. Howard Routman a leading shoulder specialist in Florida.

Dr. Routman is on staff at JFK Medical Center, West Palm Hospital (formerly Columbia Hospital), and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center.

Outside of his extensive work at Atlantis Orthopedics in Palm Beach Gardens, is the founder of the Palm Beach Shoulder and Sports Medicine Foundation, which is a local, non-profit organization that promotes educational research and injury prevention.