Leading Faculty

Dr. Eran Maman

Eran Maman, Medicine Doctor (M.D), now is a Head of the Shoulder Surgery Unit at Tel Aviv Medical Center. After finishing medical school; Dr.Maman completed his residency in orthopedics. Furthermore, he did a Clinical fellowship in shoulder surgery at Toronto University, Canada. Dr. Maman’s research focuses on tendon biology and tendon to bone healing. He aims at finding an optimal biological treatment that is capable of improving tendon-bone interface and promotes healing. He has been working on rat models rotator cuff tears and the influence of many different drugs/material (PRP, steroid, NSAID, statins) on tendon to bone healing in terms of histology and biomechanics. Our group has pioneered on the influence of statins with or without NSAID on the tendon to bone healing on repaired RC.